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Do I need to enter into the business your family and friends?


If you hit on my blog , and you are reading this article , probably you are looking for an idea for you to earn . For this reason, searching the internet for a solution to your problem , indeed , already meet the proposed cooperation within the structures of MLM . In this article you will learn , therefore, frequently asked questions and doubts among those who wonder about the start of its activities in this business.
To begin with, the industry DS / MLM is shrouded in many myths and inaccuracies , which makes it may seem that the activity in this sector is highly controversial. This entry is also to dispel the most by the controversies and myths associated with the activities in this sector.

Thus, to work.
How different is the business DS / MLM activities from traditional , conventional business ?

In fact, nothing. In any business it all depends on your commitment and effort , but most of all effective. It is important , therefore, that your actions bring results - the sooner the better .

There is no doubt, however, that MLM is much cheaper to drive. You do not need to take into account the cost of the premises, energy , and labor costs . You do not have to worry about the cost of warehousing and logistics ( in most cases) .
Does anyone really can run the DS / MLM ?

Although there are no formal requirements for potential candidates , because in this business for everyone so it really is the boss himself . For this reason, each distributor itself establishes the profile of the person you would like to cooperate .

But certainly helpful in this industry will be openness, communication and gumption trader. It will be useful also patience and perseverance , because MLM is working with people , and as the saying says :

    Business would be great if not for customers and partners

Is the MLM can earn good money ?

At this point, I ask the question , “What does it mean to earn good money ? ” . For a good salary start from 5000 up. Who else would say that 50 000 it is not interested . As in any business , and MLM just your income depends on your commitment.

On the first picture you can see my company’s headquarters. At the other is my dream house. For now it is only a draft but soon will finally be mine!

How to start own business

The company is formed on the basis of a simple agreement between the partners, who have to make a profit. It has no legal personality and shall not be registered, and the number of shareholders is usually limited to 20, all are jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the company. Its shareholders should be while to register as self-employed.

To operate in a joint partnership, partners must first of all register as self-employed. It is also the signing of an agreement between the partners. It’s a partnership with limited liability. It is a form of hybrid containing elements of a limited liability company and the partner company. Registration requires the submission LLP at Companies House the appropriate form, which is available on the website of Companies House. Registration usually takes 5 days. The cost is about £ 20, while the fee for the service on the same day is about 50 pounds.
Registration of companies (limited liability company or joint stock company) and collecting information about commercial companies from England, Wales and Scotland deals with Companies House (the equivalent of the National Court Register in Poland). The headquarters is located at Companies House in Cardiff. The office also has an office in Edinburgh and the local branch in Glasgow.

Commercial law companies having a registered address in Scotland are required to record in Edinburgh.

To register a limited company (limited liability company or partnership), the founders are required to submit at Companies House , together with a registration fee of relevant documents .

Analysis of the international business environment

The results of studies on the effectiveness of international marketing indicate that better results are achieved directing the company in the process of internationalization - proactive motives (having its source in the awareness, motivation, initiative management of the enterprise). They are strongly oriented to service overseas customers and develop long-term marketing strategies in the international market. Themes reactive relate primarily oriented enterprises more on the current operational activities, to a lesser extent, the implementation of long-term strategy .
Analysis of the international business environment
Elements of the international environment , the interaction between them trends - are the subject of the analysis carried out by the company - in order to identify opportunities and risks and to determine their importance for decision-making in respect of:

- the internationalization process of the company,
- choice of form / entry strategies companies to foreign markets,
- choice of strategy and marketing programs used in these markets.
Elements of the political, legal and administrative on the foreign market (among others ): state system,government institutions, political parties (including their attitude towards foreign capital), part of the state (the public sector) in the economy, legislation to protect competitors, consumers, copyright, environmental regulations on business; trade policy (the existence of tariff barriers and non-tariff) currency regulations, bureaucratic procedures associated with any operation, official corruption of public officials and bribery in business environments, lobbying local economic and political environments, the presence and importance in the country agendas of international organizations (eg UN agencies, consumer organizations or anti-globalization); regulations arising from membership of a country in the integration grouping (eg EU, ASEAN , NAFTA).